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BEAST’s Comeback on M!Countdown 110519

BEAST’s backstage [M!Countdown Comeback Stage]

On Rainy Days


Credit: Likeyou95 & CrazyCarrotExtra


BEAST – Soom [M!Countdown 101028]

credit: BigBangSHINeeWorld5

BEAST – Shock [M! Countdown 101028]

credit: BigBangSHINeeWorld5

Mnet M Countdown’s Tweets 101023

[Trans]Hyunseung is sturdily guarding in front of his Se7en sunbae-nim’s waiting room

[Trans] A cute picture taken personally of Beast’s Kikwang & Doojoon. The one hiding off far away can still be seen in the mirror



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he looks awesone even when he washes his teeth

He is pretending not to get hurt by punch~!!

cr: MNET MCOUNTDOWN Twitter,mages @ Starringbeast(Re-upload)

Daily of BEAST 101014

This is the administrator for BEAST’s fan club.

Continuing from last Friday, we are sharing the joy in winning 1st again today.
For all the fans who love BEAST, you know this is all thanks to you guys, right? ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Without much a due, I will upload a couple of pictures of BEAST holding the trophies backstage.

Canon fairy Yang Yoseob.

The two members who use mics rather than headsets! Junhyung & Yoseob.
After checking their mics out, they’re sitting together & waiting~

After finishing their amazing performance, Yoseob and Hyunseung discuss seriously after monitoring their performance. It was a very serious atmosphere but when you look at the picture, it looks like they’re just fidgeting… kekekekekekeke

Yoseob, the member whose picture is taken of and uploaded the most. Yet again today… not just his pictures but in every picture, there’s Yoseob. ^-^;; He notices the camera the most and Yoseob agrees to taking pictures the most. A lot of people assume that I’m a Yoseob-biased fan since there aren’t a lot of pictures of the other members…I hope there aren’t any more misunderstandings. ㅠ-ㅠ

The cheer item that a fan from Japan made and gave as a present. On top of the picture is real glasses and because he was so fascinated, Kikwang showed a look of surprise when seeing the cheer item.

A shot with the 1st place trophy! Doojoon.

A shot with the 1st place trophy! Hyunseung.

A shot with the 1st place trophy! Junhyung.

A shot with the 1st place trophy! Yoseob.

A shot with the 1st place trophy! Kikwang.

BEAST group picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the fans that love and support BEAST, we’re always grateful!!!
We ask for your much love and support in order for BEAST to keep going!!!
I l-love you all ♡

cr: PLAYB2ST , seoulfoood @ B2ST RISING

BEAST SOOM Performance on MNET Countdown 101014