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SHINee, Beast and 2PM to battle in Japan

SHINee’s first Japanese stage is their concert on December 26th. We reported earlier that all of their seats sold out so they had to schedule a second time because of high demand. SHINee has never formally debuted in Japan, but their title song “Lucifer” has even reached 8th place on the Oricon charts.

2PM will be working with Sony Music, and Beast will be working with Universal Music. The two groups will be putting on a showcase on the November 24th and November 27th, respectively, and will be putting on DVDs in Japan. Seems like it’s going to be a pretty fierce battle to grab the top place in Japan. Since DBSK has left the top place vacant, it’s up for grabs for any of these three. Who do you think will end up on top?

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Beastly idol BEAST VS Sweet idol SHINee, the contrast styling to win the hearts of women

OSEN=Choi Nayoung Reporter] If the recent issue was on the girl groups, the male idol groups are making their comebacks one by one. The groups include BEAST, who is referred to as the beast-dols, and ‘sweet-dol’ SHINee with their new follow up song, attracting the female fans with the different visual and music styles. The opposite styles of the two male groups BEAST and SHINee are currently attracting attention as the spotlight is turned on them.

BEAST symbolized the birth of a new beastly group. They had made their extravagant comeback with a strong male beast concept. With the military look showing off their muscles, they show of a lot of charisma on stage. Wearing studs on a all black leather outfit, and the bold jewelry adds on to the beastly idol concept.

Also, unlike the other idol groups trying to stand out by dying their hair color, BEAST stuck with the black, dark wine and other darker colors and added only one lighter color to a member which acted like a highlight point emphasizing the manliness.

To this, the hair stylist in Junoh hair commented, “With the season changing to fall, more and more idols are appearing with calm hair colors instead of the bright and standing out colors.” In addition she added, “The dark wine color Lee Kikwang portrays a strong, but sexy feel which adds on to the beastly idol image.”

If that was BEAST, SHINee, who had showed off a strong and sexy image for ‘Lucifer’ appeared with the follow up song ‘HELLO’ and showed off a sweet image. Unlike the extravagant and special outfits in the past, with the follow up song, they all turned into perfect romantic guys for the follow up song.

In particular, SHINee’s hairstyle had shown off their sweet image the best. For the ‘Lucifer’ promotions, they had shown off a white/light blonde hair, half shaven hair, and other shocking looks, but for the follow up song, they had displayed a much more tone down color of the light brown. Also, unlike the special styling used to show off a lively hair, they had completed the romantic guy style with a light wax styling.

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SHINee does not consider B2ST as their rivals

SHINee recently shared their thoughts about promoting alongside B2ST.

Before their KBS ‘Music Bank‘ stage performance on October 1st, they had an interview with AsiaE, where they said “SHINee and B2ST, we are not competing against each other.”

They continued, “Our goal is to show our fans a different side of us through our title track ‘Hello’, from our re-packaged album. That’s why we don’t think of B2ST as our rivals.”

SHINee also laughed and added, “The feel of our song and our outfits are very different from B2ST’s.”

SHINee and B2ST both made their comebacks this week on Music Bank; SHINee with ‘Hello’ and B2ST with their title track ‘Soom‘ from their 3rd mini-album ‘Mastermind‘.

Source + Photo: AsiaE

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