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B2ST’s Yoseob tweets about recording for their new album

B2ST’s Yoseob recently reported to his fans the progress B2ST is making on their new music album.

On April 23rd, the idol tweeted, “We started recording for B2ST’s title song. I hope you all get nervous and anticipate for this. It’s really big. Anyways, B2ST members really like snacking“.

He then uploaded this exclusive picture, which revealed the B2ST members taking a break in the recording room. On the table in front of them are various snacks and drinks.

Netizens commented, “I’m curious. I want to see them soon”, “I’m anticipating for the title song”, “While everyone is resting, I see Junhyung who is concentrating on something.”

Meanwhile, B2ST is set to perform at ‘Super Triple Concert‘ with December and IU at Busan’s BEXCO on April 30th.

Source: Medical News Today via Nate
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Beast member Yong Junhyung revealed a selca for his fans after a long absence.

On the 23rd of March, he posted a photo on his Twitter with the words ” Lately I have not shown my face (so I uploaded this picture)”.

In the photo, Junhyung is wearing a black roundneck T-shirt with a leopard print hat. His neat style and still handsome appearance even without any makeup attracted attention.

Netizens who saw the photo had various responses, “Are you in the recording studio?” , ” I don’t know how you can be so cute,” ,”You’ve grown some pimples, you look very tired,”. Junhyung recently collaborated with Wheesung for his new song and MV “Words That Freeze My Heart”.

Junhyung’s group Beast will launch their official fanclub B2UTY on the 2nd of April at Korea University’s Hwajung Gymnasium.

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MnetMCountdown Twitter Updates

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Bebe Mignon’s Haekeum’s Picture Tweet 101119

[Trans]Celebrating our CD exchange^^!! With BEAST sunbaenims~~


Yoseob’s Twitter Update 101117


Prepix: In the actual M/V, it’s a shame I’m only out for 3 seconds, but I guess since it’s like this, it’s a good thing~ he he
Yoseob: @prepixwassup ke ke ke you’re totally awesome, hyung!

Aigoo, it’s tough. Practice’s over!^^

[Trans] Prepix: @helloimys Ke ke ke, you’re not practicing, what are you doing!? ke ke
Yoseob: @prepixwassup Hyung, today’s practice was not a joke.. ke ke Wooshin-hyung said I should come feeling determined, and so I put on my determination and went, but it seems like I should have put on more determination


Good night ke I have to wake up soon but I should sleep.. yes.. let’s sleep.. let’s sleep.. In the bus I take to school every day.. I watch that girl who sits in the same spot every day, why do I suddenly think of this song.. ke ke ke Ah ke ke ke sleep well


Ah I slept well!.. Ah did I sleep well?.. Ah.. did I sleep?

@oisoo ‘Right now it’s autumn, how come you’re making that kind of sound in front of me right now?’ Mr. Grasshopper would reply like this.. he he he

Now, shall I start this day with good feelings? They say the earlier rising bird is more tired ke ke (Even if it’s a giggle, please laugh, I’m trying to make a joke ke) Because although my body’s tired, it’s good to be busy!! I’m currently learning how to enjoy myself while working! Everyone, fighting as well! Ke ke

@beastdw I’m happy I’m happy I’m happy
cr: Yoseob’s Twitter, GEE @B2ST RISING

Kikwang’s Twitter Update 101114-101117

cr: kikwang’s twitter , seoulfoood @b2ST RISING

Doojoon’s Twitter Update 101116-101117

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Cr: Doojoon’s Twitter , seoulfoood@b2ST RISING