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B2ST’s Yoseob tweets about recording for their new album

B2ST’s Yoseob recently reported to his fans the progress B2ST is making on their new music album.

On April 23rd, the idol tweeted, “We started recording for B2ST’s title song. I hope you all get nervous and anticipate for this. It’s really big. Anyways, B2ST members really like snacking“.

He then uploaded this exclusive picture, which revealed the B2ST members taking a break in the recording room. On the table in front of them are various snacks and drinks.

Netizens commented, “I’m curious. I want to see them soon”, “I’m anticipating for the title song”, “While everyone is resting, I see Junhyung who is concentrating on something.”

Meanwhile, B2ST is set to perform at ‘Super Triple Concert‘ with December and IU at Busan’s BEXCO on April 30th.

Source: Medical News Today via Nate
Credit: allkpop


BBQ Chicken CF – Yo Seob + Hyun Seung version

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[PIC] Official Gwanghwamun Sonata Cast Photoshoot (Yoseob)

CREDITS : lovethemusical@twitter + THE MUSICAL.CO.KR + chloe1302 @B2R (RE-UP)


In the segment of the 19th January episode of MBC gag show ‘First Time In My Life’ called ‘I want to know Beast’, BEAST starred as guests and were tested on their variety show skills. Because of this, they were set up on a fake date with Rainbow. This segment shows how the BEAST members react to Rainbow’s outbreak of actions.

The first date was between Beast’s Yang Yoseob and Rainbow’s No Eul. The topic was titled ‘What kind of variety skills will cute idol Yang Yoseob show off? ‘

No Eul started off by telling the extremely shy Yoseob that she was also blood type B, then she immediately launched into a Pikachu impersonation, making Yoseob panic.

She then asked, ‘ Does any of the members in Rainbow fit your ideal type? ‘ Yoseob’s answer was ‘Cute girls with long hair.’ The MC stated ‘Why don’t you answer simply by saying it’s not you?’ making everyone explode into laughter.

The coquettish show that No Eul displayed to Yoseob showed off her variety skills that had never been displayed before today.

source: sport today, beastchina
trans: yangting1302@mybeastyboys


110116 Yoseob’s CAFE Post – Hello~~~~

[Trans] Hello beauties
Music programs are not fun these days because BEAST is not on it, right!
Just wait a little bit! We’ll comeback with more cool and exciting song!!

Meanwhile, please love all the programs we will be appearing on!
Eum.. I’ll be going now bbyong!!!!!!
Ah the encore concert is not far away from now…. pit-a-pat pit-a-pat!!!! kekekeke

The picture is a confirmation shot and a present~~~ Byebye

Ut it looks awkward now that I actually uploded the picture… kekekekekekekekekekekekeke


‘100 points out of 100’ Yang Yoseob, “I’m Kikwang and Doojoon’s friend” witty PR causes laughter

“Remember me as Kikwang and Doojoon’s friend not BEAST’s main vocal.”

BEAST Yang Yoseob, who appeared on KBS 2TV school variety ‘100 points out of 100’ aired on the 15th, showed overflowing variety feel.

On this day’s ‘100 points out of 100’, MC Park Myungsoo asked Yang Yoseob “Are you a celebrity” as a joke. Upon that, Yoseob responded with “You should know me well… I’m close with Kikwang”, which caused a laughter. Park Myungsoo and Lee Kikwang are on MBC ‘Sunday Sunday Night-Hot Brothers’ together.

Then Park Myngsoo said “I personally like BEAST a lot, but I thought Lee Kikwang was going to come” which made Yoseob embarrassed. Yoseob was subjected to humiliation by MC Park Kyungrim saying “I thought Yoon Doojoon was going to come” after Park Myungsoo. Yoon Doojoon, just like Kikwang, is also actively doing solo activities through MBC sitcom ‘All My Love’

Upon that, Yoseob made an appeal to this by saying “I’m Kikwang and Doojoon’s friend” and “Don’t remember me as BEAST’s main vocal but just Kikwang and Doojoon’s friend” which caused a laughter.

Also on this day, Yoseob attracted attention by dancing Shinhwa’s ‘Eussha Eussha’ perfectly with Kim Dongwan showing it only once during couple selecting game with 1st generation idol H.O.T Tony An, scheskies Eun Jiwon, Shinhwa Kim Dongwan, Babyvox Gan Miyeon, and god Kim Taewoo



Group BEAST’s Yang Yoseob made sure that the netizens will halt the hateful comments.

On the 7th, Yang Yoseob posted via his personal twitter towards the fans, “The scars that I received from the someone who had randomly spat out some comments still hasn’t healed. This probably doesn’t only apply to me, but others as well. No matter what the method is, someone should never have to inflect such deep scars on another person.”

In addition Yang Yoseob stated, “Apologize. Should I do it instead?” making a warning statement towards the netizens sending her hateful comments.

This all occurred due to the rumor that a BEAST member and Rainbow’s Jaekyung would be the next couple on MBC ‘We Got Married’.

BEAST’s fans had shown strong responses to the issue by posting hateful comments and more due to this issue.


Update from CUBE Entertainment’s Official Statement: An associate from BEAST’s management, Cube Entertainment, commented, “We are at a situation where BEAST member’s names are being associated with the ‘We Got Married’ couples when they don’t even have plans to participate in them.”