Its All About Beast is the B2ST

BEAST faces an audio problem on air for their first comeback stage, the staff team apologizes


[Sports Today Choi Junyong Reporter] Idol group BEAST caught the attention of many as a problem occured on their first comeback stage performance.

BEAST revealed their first stage for the title song ‘Beautiful’ on the 14th at SBS 20th Anniversary ‘Love Sharing Concert’ for the first time.

However on this day, they caught attention as there was a problem with the audio systems for BEAST during the ‘Lights Go On Again’ performance. There was a clear indication when a staff voice was aired on the show live with the comment, “This is a broadcasting mistake.”

To this occurrence, Jung Yonghwa, who was an MC during the show stated, “We apologize for the condition the broadcast preceded a while ago, and we ask for the forgiveness from the viewers,” filling up the mistake.

But, the ‘Beautiful’ stage continued on without any mistakes. On this performance, BEAST members showed off parts of a musical that displayed a storyline and unique choreography. The romantic mood of the stage was heightened as the six members turned into a boyfriend making a love confession to their girlfriend completing the stage.

cr: SPORTS TODAY , aoistars @B2ST RISING


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